Monetary Research Center

Institution: PSB Paris School of Business 59 rue Nationale, 75013 Paris, France
Fields Of Research Interest: Monetary Economics: Monetary Theory and Policy, Inflation Targeting, Central Bank Independence and Transparency,Exchange Rate Theory and Policy.
Short Resume: Yannick Lucotte joined PSB Paris School of Business as an Associate Professor in September 2013, after having obtained a Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Orléans, France. His research focuses on three main research areas: monetary and exchange rate policies in emerging market economies, political economy of central banking, and monetary policy transmission and financial stability in the Eurozone. Yannick Lucotte was also a Visiting Scholar at the National Bank of Poland during the summer 2014, and at the Bank of Lithuania during the summer 2015.
Publications: Structural and cyclical determinants of bank interest rate pass-through in Eurozone (with Aurélien Leroy), forthcoming in Comparative Economic Studies (2* CNRS)

Le ciblage d'inflation dans les économies émergentes, Revue Française d'Economie, Volume XXX, October 2015, pp. 93-128 (2* CNRS)

Heterogeneous Monetary Transmission Process in the Eurozone: Does Banking Competition Matter? (with Aurélien Leroy), International Economics, vol. 141, pp. 115-134 (2* CNRS)

Euro area banking fragmentation in the aftermath of the crisis: a cluster analysisApplied Economics Letters, vol. 22 issue 13, pp. 1046-1050 (1* CNRS)

A Simple Empirical Measure of Central Banks' Conservatism (with Grégory Levieuge), Southern Economic Journal, vol. 80 issue 2, October 2014, pp. 409-434 (3* CNRS)

Les cibleurs d'inflation sont-ils monomaniaques? (with Grégory Levieuge), Revue Française d'Economie, Volume XXVIII, January 2014, pp. 49-81 (2* CNRS)

Adoption of Inflation Targeting and Tax Revenue Performance in Emerging Market Economies: An Empirical Investigation, Economic Systems 36(4), pp. 609-628 (2* CNRS)

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