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The ECB's monetary policy, the Euro and Bulgaria
Posted on Monday, January 06, 2020

Analysis by prof. Nikolay Nenovsky, UPJV, France:

Posted on Thursday, December 12, 2019

Money presents a perennial and formidable problem for economists like squaring the circle for mathematicians. Various monetary theories give clue of diverse aspects of the money phenomenon but there is no universal theory of money satisfying all claims. In recent years, there has been an obvious surge of interest in money theory and origin issues due to the emergence of electronic money, i.e. cryptocurrencies. Philosophers, anthropologists and sociologists, contesting the solutions offered by economists from various perspectives, all have their own answers to the puzzle of money, debt and interest but even on the economists' side there have never been any agreement on these issues.

We invite economists, philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists, historians and all those exploring the phenomena of money and interest to take part in the Conference for discuss a role of money and interest in Economics and ethics.

Application deadline is 10 February 2020.

Languagers of the conference are Russian and English.

More information about the conference you may see here    

5th ANNUAL MRC CONFERENCE Europe after the European elections: economic and monetary perspectives
Posted on Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Annual MRC International Scientific Conference on Economic and Monetary Issues "Europe after the European elections: economic and monetary perspectives" was held in UNWE. The organizers of this fifth-of-a-kind forum were the Monetary and Economic Research Center (MRC) at the Finance Department, jointly with the Union of Economists in Bulgaria and with the support of the French Institute in Bulgaria and First Investment Bank AD.

Prof. Nikolay Nenovsky, director of MRC, opened the conference and reminded of her main idea: to enable young and established researchers to collaborate by exchanging positions, opinions, perspectives and discovering new research topics. He pointed out that the conference is already becoming a tradition.

Assoc. Prof. Petar Chobanov welcomed the participants in the conference and pointed the importance of discussion topics, which aim to outline prospects and new directions for the development of monetary policies in the changing EU environment. He expressed his confidence in the positive results of the forum.

Mrs. Zinaida Zlatanova congratulated the organizers for the good initiative, which provides an opportunity to discuss different points of view on important monetary and economic issues. She expressed the hope that the results of the conference would be useful for the new policies in the dynamically changing EU.

Assoc. Prof. D.Sc. Pencho Penchev pointed out the interesting scope of the discussion topics and as the chief editor of the university magazine Economic Alternatives, he introduced the participants to the possibilities of publishing the conference reports in the edition.

Representatives of the academic community in the field of monetary and economic policy from universities in Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, France, the USA, Russia and others took part in the two-day forum. Discussion topics were organized in five thematic areas: "Monetary and Financial Economics", "International Economics and International Political Economy", "Economic and Monetary History and the History of Economic Thought", "Environmental Economics, Social and Solidarity Economy", "Management and Marketing".


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