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GAUVIN Marc McNeill
Fields Of Research Interest: Integration of dynamic systems, control and stability theory and formal semantic logic for the definition of money and money systems as information technologies.
Short Resume: Marc Gauvin McNeill, expert in the definition of decidable ontologies (semantic web) as applied to the representation of critical social systems e.g. he spearheaded the ISO/IEC 21000-19 the Media Value Chain Ontology (MVCO) (ISO in 2010), developed the DigitalShadowCaster TM and the IPOS Digital Shadow (Intellectual Property Operations System), served as member of the Board of Digital Media Project (DMP) (2007-2010), and participated in several EU and government funded projects. A 30+ year veteran of the alternative money debate, he is co-author of Formal Stability Analysis of Common Lending Practices (2009), founder of the Passive BIBO Currency Project (2011) and author of “BIBOCURRENCY - The Science of Stability Applied to Money Systems” (2011) and “The Money PSYOP” (2012).
Gauvin, M., Costa, J. "A proposal for harmonising current disparate (scientific and legal) definitions of money towards greater decidability in the provision of Justice according to universal principles of contract law." Available at

Formal Stability Analysis of Common Lending Practices 

Passive BIBO Currency Distinguishing Claims

Money, Measure or Commodity Not Both

The Money PSYOP

Austerity Fallacy

Media Value Chain Ontology

Web-based Rights Management System

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