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Monetary research center

Aims at developing the scientific research in the field of monetary theory, policy, and history providing opportunities for decent research publications of young and senior researchers, as well as providing high level forum discussions.

Monetary research center

Balkan countries monetary regimes

There is a variety of cultural and monetary differences in the financial regimes among the Balkan countries. How are they going to align their regimes with the challenges of the common European currency?

Balkan countries monetary regimes

The future of the Eurozone

The Greek debt crisis outlined the complicated situation in the Eurozone and the eventual challenge the other Balkan countries would face when joining the mechanism of common currency. New monetary order, alternative currency or another decision would work for the Balkans….

The future of the Eurozone

Globalization and growth in eurozone: new challenges

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

LE STUDIUM Conference is jointly organized by LE STUDIUM  ‐ Loire Valley Institute of Advanced Studies and LEO (Orléans Economics Center), University of Orléans and will be held on 28 - 29 September 2017 in Orléans.

Seminar on The Development of Ideas and Institutions of Social Credit in Bulgaria and Europe since The XIX Century to The Second World War

Posted on Monday, April 24, 2017

Development of Ideas and Institutions of Social Credit in Bulgaria and Europe since the XIX Century to the Second World War was the topic of the Seminar organized by the Monetary and Economic Research Center and the Finance Department of UNWE. The Seminar was held in the Scientific Council Hall and it was attended by lots of lecturers, undergraduates and Doctoral students.

Public lecture in April 2017

Posted on Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Monetary and Economic Research Center and Department of Finance at UNWE with great pleasure welcome Gordon Kerr and Cavin O'Driscoll from Cobden Partners LTD.

Working Papers

14/2017 Theoretical analyses of the Dirigisme and Economic planning among the Bulgarian economists during the 1930s (in Bulgarian)

13/2017 Reflections on Currency Boards and Monetary Federalism (Book review in Bulgarian and English)

12/2016 Assessing the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Bulgaria’s Economy from the Sector Perspective

11/2016 Stock-Flow Consistent modeling of the Tunisian economy (in French)

10/2016 Monetary Regimes and EU Accession:Comparing Bulgaria and Romania

9/2016 Students’ perception of online educational services. An empirical study (in Romanian)

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